Hook Liar Liar Jingle All The Way

Comparing Hook, Liar Liar and Jingle All The Way

We’re going to take a look at nineties legends Hook, Liar Liar and Jingle All The Way today. The nineties were chuckfull of great movies with amazing plottwists (Fight Club), awesome special effects (Titanic) and loving patriotism (Armageddon and basically every movie situated in the US.) The failing dad-trope isn’t limited to the nineties, as […]

Fake Melania

Fake Melania: Trump has a stand-in first lady

We can’t decide whether to laugh or cry at the latest in a series of many, many, many, many things that would’ve been a months-long media scandal. That is, had Trump not decided to try and get them ALL done in his first year as president. We’re not going to list them, as there’s just […]

voice actors

No way! Was that him?! Ten surprising voice actors

Some voice actors are easily recognizable, but others are a complete surprise. Especially when there is an accent involved. Let’s take a look at some voice actors you might not have known about when watching an animated movie. Sometimes the contrasts between characters is pretty funny as well. Hugh Jackman as Canadian muscleman Wolverine versus […]

Dragnet is watching you and your neighbours

A dragnet intelligence law is under attack by Dutch citizens

For the second time in history, a Dutch citizen-initiated referendum will take place. Last time, a blog initiated a referendum as soon as the law had passed. Using the very first opportunity, they requested a referendum about the EU association agreement with Ukraine. This time the subject is a little different: the Netherlands has a new […]


On trial for doubting a long dead king. Thailand makes no sense.

Thailand is a peculiar country for many, many reasons, some of which have penises. This story is about something else, though. An elderly man is currently on trial for, drumroll,doubting whether King Naresuan killed the Burmese crownprince in a duel. On an elephant. In 1593. The 85-year old Sulak Sivaraksa uttered his doubts about this […]