5 moments in history that you’d think are made up

“No, that didn’t really happen. You made that up!” We all know people who are trying to sell us a tall tale as a fact, only to laugh at us once we buy the story. But life is weird. History is full of events that make you go: “Wait, what?” That’s why we’re writing about […]

You can't always get what you want

You just might find: you hate what you get

“You can’t always get what you want”. This old hit of the Rolling Stones was used by Donald Jumanji Trump during his campaign for president that never stopped even when he was elected president. The Stones weren’t amused, but since they’re even older than Trump it took them till june 2020 to force the Donald […]

Seriously, easyJet, what the hell?

Oh, hello and welcome to a new episode of Flight Horror. Our current perp: easyJet . Because, apparently, easyJet planes now come with optional back rests. That’s what Matthew Harris tweeted on the flight from Luton to Geneva. We don’t rightly know why this is. Perhaps Easyjet got sick of complaints about reclining chairs and […]


Why Chandler owes Phoebe 7000 Dollars

True Friends fans might already know what we’re talking about. Otherwise, this might be a pretty hard core piece of easter egg. Friends is full of plot holes and discrepancies, but this one is pretty interesting. Let’s take a look at Chandler Bing, Phoebe Buffay and the deal they made in the fourth episode of […]


10 things wrong with the Sonic trailer

Can we talk about the Sonic trailer for a moment? You know the one. Where one of our most beloved game characters is brutally butchered into a CG abomination that makes us want to boil out our eyes. Here are ten things wrong with the Sonic trailer. We insist you watch it before reading this […]

Nokia’s trypophobia phone is not that trypophobic

A few days ago, Nokia released images of the Nokia 9. The internet went kind of wild because there’s a few holes in the back rather than just one. The phone is supposed to be hell for those who suffer from trypophobia. We’re a little sceptic about this meme. The Nokia 9 is a rather […]

Once upon a time in Hollywood

When you come to the end of the line, with a buddy who is more than a brother and a little less than a wife, getting blind drunk together is really the only way to say farewell.

Narrator in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019)

Hunger Games

Hunger Games: How to make the odds in your favour

In 2012 the film adaptation of The Hunger Games hit theatres. In a post apocalyptic version of the United States, 24 children from 12 districts are chosen and thrown into an arena to kill and survive. The evil Capitol uses the catchphrase: “May the odds be ever in your favour.” But can you do that? How can you make the odds be in your favour so you have the best chance to survive?

First of all: don’t volunteer if your name is not drawn. That will make your chances of survival a 100%. If you are chosen, however, there are things you càn do. Sulking around and being anti-social like Katniss will not improve your chances. Maybe you think that age or gender are big factors in the Hunger Games, but you would be wrong. It also doesn’t really matter from which district you are either.

In this theory from the YouTube channel The Film Theorists they explain how you can actually turn the odds in your favour. If you want to survive the Hunger Games, you might want to pay attention. There are some pretty clever tips and tricks you can use and emerge alive, thus victorious!

How to survive the Hunger Games part 1

How to survive the Hunger Hames part 2