A new Pepsi Ad is sparking backlash on the internet and traditional media. And, to be fair, we get it.

The ad features protesters facing police lines, much as we’ve seen in media coverage. Except, it’s really not all that much like we’ve seen in media coverage. Look at it: those people are dancing and cheering and being happy. Take a look at any press coverage of serious protests and you’ll find people being angry, in turmoil and quite often being either attacking or attacked by someone. Often these clashes involve the police.

Which is the other side: the police aren’t wearing body suits, they don’t have any riot gear on at all. They’re just watching the protest? And some protester is giving them a coke? What the noodles is in that Pepsi, because this company just went full-blown hippie Utopian on us. The 60s are calling to dial it down on the surrealism, Pepsi, and we think maybe you should answer the dang phone.