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Looks like Trump finally managed to get something done

No, that’s not really true. But he managed to spark something: Facebook rants. Now, this is not the Facebook rant of your angry coworker against the machinations of his own mind that he thinks are out to get him. Not by a long shot. When these Facebook users rant, the world pays attention. What happened? […]

Donald Trump tweeted “Thank you”. But… thank whom? And why?

In his series of tweets from yesterday, commander-in-chief and POTUS “Real” Donald Trump told the internet he’s meeting his generals to discuss the North Korea situation. I will be meeting General Kelly, General Mattis and other military leaders at the White House to discuss North Korea. Thank you. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 3, […]

Cowboy of the Capitol: more outlaw than sheriff

For this post we’re donning our spurs and we’ll saddle up the old gray stallion riding backwards in time to the Wild Wild West. Warren Love, a State Representative, is still living in that time. The State Representative called for a good old-fashioned lynching. The person who vandalized a Confederate statue should be hung. Love […]

Kelly Thomasson threatened in the name of Trump

The Secretary of the Commonwealth of Virginia reportedly just shared this image he got via the mail after the Charlottesville attack by the extreme White Supremacists. It seems to be a threat to the life of Kelly Thomasson. After Charlottesville this was mailed to the Virginia Secretary of the Commonwealth- her husband just shared it […]

Mueller indicates he’s going after Pence

Well, as if this political soap opera that is unfortunately not a “House of Cards” rip-off, but real life, needed more complications. It didn’t. Still, Robert Mueller is now also going after Mike Pence, or so it seems. Mueller is investigating wether Michael Flynn was getting kickbacks, fraud. He asked the White House for documentation on […]