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Theresa May willing to suspend human rights

What the fuck?! Theresa May actually tweeted this: I'm clear: if human rights laws get in the way of tackling extremism and terrorism, we will change those laws to keep British people safe. pic.twitter.com/8EfUJYUDMK — Theresa May (@theresa_may) June 6, 2017 Can Theresa May kindly just GTFO? Nobody is waiting for yet another regime that […]

Prime Minister May speculates on more military action

In the wake of the London Terror Attack of last night, Prime Minister May’s first response has been “enough is enough”, and she intends to review the counter terror policies by her government in order to combat terrorism more effectively. While the victims’ bodies are not yet cold and more victims are still hospitalized, May […]

O’Rexit: Fox kills Bill

Controversial prime time Fox news talkshow host Bill O’Reilly is reportedy out. The show host has been under fire as a result of accusations of sexual abuse for some time now. And apparently Fox and/or Bill think it’s time the long time “O’Reilly Factor”-star gets out of the kitchen before he burns the whole restaurant […]

Trump attacks Syria, but did he shoot himself in the foot?

US President Donald Trump launched an airstrike of 50 missiles against an airfield in Syria. The strike was a response to the horrifying chemical attacks this week. The attack seemed like an appropriate and proportionate military response to the horrible violence. But what will come of it? While the impact of this is yet unclear […]

Israel claims to be sure Assad behind Sarin gas attack on Syria

Israelian Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman says Bashar Assad ordered the attack that reportedly killed over 100 people, including children. The attacks were carried out by planes and planned by the Syrian President, according to Israel. The Israelian website Haaretz reports that Lieberman is critical of the international response. He also states that Israel sees no reason to […]