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10 logo’s gone wrong

When starting a company, website or business, it’s a good thing to have a logo. Preferably something people will recognize and remember. At Reasonish we have a feather, to indicate the writing part, for instance. Luckily for us, a blog is not such a difficult thing to choose a logo for. Other businesses might have less luck. A […]

Things you should always have spares of

When you own things, as everyone does, you know these things will fail you one day. Or you will run out. With a lot of stuff, that isn’t a problem of course, as you just go out and buy new stuff. For a few things, however, running out or them breaking down are catastrophic! Here is a […]

5 tips for making the perfect food porn

Apparently people like to make pictures of their food nowadays. And by ‘nowadays’ we mean ‘the past couple of years’. If you start to think about it, it’s actually a weird habit. “I have food. Look at my food!” It kind of feels like a cat that brings you his latest kill to admire. Mostly […]