food porn

5 tips for making the perfect food porn

Apparently people like to make pictures of their food nowadays. And by ‘nowadays’ we mean ‘the past couple of years’. If you start to think about it, it’s actually a weird habit. “I have food. Look at my food!” It kind of feels like a cat that brings you his latest kill to admire. Mostly people didn’t kill the food they are taking photo’s of, but the principle is the same.

Some pictures are quite nice, especially when it involves luxury dishes served in restaurants. It can even make you hungry AF. Other pictures look more or less like vomit, and you don’t want that, do you? Since this trend is here to stay, we have a couple of tips for you to make the perfect pics of your food.

1 Don’t

Just don’t do it. Fuck off with your smartphone and just EAT your food, dammit. So you’re in a fancy restaurant abroad, good for you, showoff. Go enjóy that incredible dish on your plate, instead of making a damn picture of it! *sigh*

2 Alright, if you must: No distractions

A smudge on the table or visible utensils distract from the gorgeousness of your food. Make sure there is no crap in the pic. No hands or fingers, no hairs or other garbage.

3 Arrangement

Try to arrange the food as if you’re Leonardo DaVinci. Use the Golden Ratio, or make sure there is balance on the plate. Balance is always pleasing to the eye. Come to think of it, balance is pleasing in every aspect of life.

4 No gunk

Gooey gunk, covered in sauce is not the way to make your friends’ mouths water. Don’t bother to snap a pic of your spagetti bolognese or rice and pilaf.

5 Angle

The angle of the picture can make quite the difference. Make sure the plate or the item you’re snapping is in the centre of the picture, avoid flares and try to get the top and side of the food in the frame.

There. Now you can make awesome food porn that will dazzle everyone.