Harry Potter Theory: Crookshanks’ Original Owner

Crookshanks, Hermiones cat, is an extremely smart animal. She got him from the Magical Menagerie at the start of her third year, where he immediately saw ‘Scabbers’ for what he was: an Animagus called Peter Pettigrew. While cats are known to be pretty smart in general, this is an extraordinary feat for a regular cat. The fact is that he ISN’T just an ordinary bowlegged ginger cat; he is half-Kneazle. But there might be even more to him than meets the eye.

What if Hermione isn’t Crookshanks’ real owner…


We first meet him in 1993 when he comes jumping off a cupboard right on Ron’s head. He plays a pivotal role in The Prisoner of Azkaban, trying to unmask Scabbers and helping Sirius Black. In this video by SuperCarlinBrothers a theory about Crookshanks is explained and it makes a heck of a lot of sense…


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