Theresa May willing to suspend human rights

What the fuck?! Theresa May actually tweeted this:

Can Theresa May kindly just GTFO? Nobody is waiting for yet another regime that doesn’t acknowledge human rights, there are plenty of those already. And Britain has had its fair share of being among them, to be honest. Let’s hope the British choose sensibly in the coming election because electing this Prime Minister is bound to be a disaster for human rights without having any effective anti-terror policies to show for it.

Prime Minister May speculates on more military action

In the wake of the London Terror Attack of last night, Prime Minister May’s first response has been “enough is enough”, and she intends to review the counter terror policies by her government in order to combat terrorism more effectively.

While the victims’ bodies are not yet cold and more victims are still hospitalized, May didn’t hesitate to announce that the campaigns for the elections will continue. Yet, we’re left wondering as to how all this is to pan out. Combatting segregation is a nice idea, but the practice is that the austerity enforced on the British people in fact increases segregation. And if terror breeds terror, then this can only be done by feeding on slumbering feelings of unhappiness. Happy, working people don’t commit terror.

The British Government has suspended the right to privacy on a massive level in the past to combat terrorism, yet every act of terror is found to be done by persons already known to the authorities. This type of governing, the big brother state, has not been able to prevent the increasing terror attacks. Nor will it, because it focuses on spying and repression while still promoting policies that increase unhappiness. The Brexit shows clearly just how xenophobic the British have become.

If Britain is to review it’s counter terror policies, let it start with reducing tensions within its own borders, rather than once again bombing the countries that have seen more of war and bloodshed than Theresa May’s worst English nightmare.