Donald Trump tweeted “Thank you”. But… thank whom? And why?

In his series of tweets from yesterday, commander-in-chief and POTUS “Real” Donald Trump told the internet he’s meeting his generals to discuss the North Korea situation.

And he thanked us. Or someone. We don’t really know what to make of it! Why? Is he assuming praise for doing the job he was elected to do? Did someone offer him a cookie? Was Melania giving him a blowjob under the table and did he mistakenly thank the internet while orgasming to the thought of nuking North Korea? Much like covfefe, we’re assuming this masterstroke of internet communication will remain a mystery.

Not unlike the cognitive capabilities of Trump himself, as he promptly displayed in a follow-up tweet.

Stopping all trade with any country doing business with North Korea. That includes China. You know, that little country that inspired the themeparkish city blocks with lots of asian food and cramped up little shops owned by old men who sell Gremlins.

Chinatown: the source of indigestion and Gremlins.

Well, apart from Chinatown and cheap labour back in the day when the Railroads were being built and the Irish demanded actual wages, China is now once again the source of cheap labour. And a huge trade deficit. 2016 sported a $309.6 billion dollars deficit, a total trade of $648,2 billion, which would be about 3% of the total US economy. And that’s just the cost of stopping trade with one country, without even accounting for the damages that large companies like Apple would suffer if they had to move production (or their headquarters) elsewhere because of trade bans.