Gas attack. Syriasly?

Syria. Not quite at the top of our list of places to visit on a holiday. On the contrary. And somehow, people managed to just make it worse. And by people, we mean inhuman pieces of excrement that can go straight to whatever crappy version of a possible afterlife they believe in, for all we care.

It´s 58 dead and counting, according to Human Rights monitoring in the region. 11 of them are children. And there have been several reports of chemical attacks last week. How is this still possible? War sucks and is in general senseless violence, but we get the cognitive disconnect that allows one human to kill another because they believe each other to be enemies. Well, sort of. But what monster simply starts random release of poisonous gas that will indiscriminately target people and let them suffer a slow and painful death?

That has nothing to do with believing in right or wrong. It’s downright monstrous. Humanity, you are a disappointment.