Colbert brutally crushed Chris Christie, and he was a good sport about it

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is somehow getting better and one of the prime examples of that is the recent appearance of Chris Christie. Christie, doing a book promotion tour, was welcomed with some brutal honesty about the reason for his debut on the show, despite multiple invitations.

The former New Jersey Governor, however, came back with “before we get into that: are we going to drink or not?” Well, shots of tequila were pulled out and the interview could get going. Colbert, a fierce critic of Donald Trump, asked Christie about several things – including his friendship with Trump, and at some point in the interview Christie says: “I know politics and sometimes you just have to be a big boy, pull up your pants and walk away”. To which Colbert retorted: “Because you got spanked?”

As much as the two apparently differ in opinion, however, the conversation did not have a feel of enmity to it. Despite at some point Colbert asking Christie what was his constituency, because he had a minimal approval rate in Jersey, Trump-opposers don’t like him for supporting Trump and Trump fans hate him for releasing a book on the presidency.

Watch the two piece interview on youtube for more.