Six things you didn’t the purpose of

Every now and again you come across things and you scratch your head. What the heck is it for? What does it do? Why is this here? What is the purpose? These questions can arise. Luckily we have something called: the internet.

What would we do without the internet? The magical place where all answers are at your fingertips. Tell me if this sounds familiar: you suddenly remember a televisionshow you used to watch as a child, but you don’t know the title anymore. What to do? It’s easy, go to Google (or a similar searchengine) and start typing. In my case it was a cartoon about animals in which a bad guy called ‘Clandestino’ was trying to ruin the world. I merely typed: cartoon, animals and Clandestino and presto. The answer appeared in my screen: the show was called The Bluffers. YouTube even had the intro for me! Wow.


So back to the things and the purposes. As an avid fan of candy, I have always noticed the small hole in the plastic stick of a lollipop. Why the heck is it there? Well, that is easy, of course. You might even already know this one: to prevent the candy from falling off the stick. Duh. It’s pretty obvious when you come to think of it. But there you have it, a purpose to something you might not have figured out by yourself. We found this video of six things you also might not have known the purpose of. (The lollipopstick is one of them, though.) Click here to watch it!