O’Rexit: Fox kills Bill

Controversial prime time Fox news talkshow host Bill O’Reilly is reportedy out. The show host has been under fire as a result of accusations of sexual abuse for some time now. And apparently Fox and/or Bill think it’s time the long time “O’Reilly Factor”-star gets out of the kitchen before he burns the whole restaurant down.

Due to the accusations, advertisers have started pulling their ads from the show, causing worry among the Fox News network about their revenue stream. CNN reports that talks about cancelling O’Reilly have commenced, now that Rupert Murdoch allegedly withdrew his support for Bill.

O’Reilly was known for his right-wing opinions, which he frequently utters on his talk show. Satirical comedians have often criticized him for opinions that have no basis in fact but were presented as such. Apparently, it’s not his alleged fact free politics that ultimately became his downfall, but accusations of sexual harassment by multiple women. Then again, actual rape is worse than raping the truth.