Mueller indicates he’s going after Pence

Well, as if this political soap opera that is unfortunately not a “House of Cards” rip-off, but real life, needed more complications. It didn’t. Still, Robert Mueller is now also going after Mike Pence, or so it seems.

Mueller is investigating wether Michael Flynn was getting kickbacks, fraud. He asked the White House for documentation on Flynn’s employment. This relates directly to Pence: if the documents prove that Pence knew about his work as a paid foreign agent, and claimed his innocence, it makes Pence an obstructor of justice, according to Bluedotdaily, who reports on the matter in this article.

Will Pence take the fall before any serious impeachment against Trump is going to be in action? If anything, this administration is a hurricane of fast-paced news and it’s getting really hard to keep up with everything. One has to wonder how Trump even can, himself…