Drinking milk is racist, according to PETA.

According to PETA, drinking cow’s milk is a symbol of white supremacy. Yeah, you read that right. Cow’s milk is now racist.

And that’s not even cause it’s white. You see, caucasian persons are lactose tolerant more often than humans of another ethnic origin. That’s a genetic difference. Apparently, white supremacists have now decided that this is proof of them being ‘genetically superior’. Yeah, soooo superior that you don’t have to shit out your guts because you can keep on drinking stuff that was meant for calves way after the age of not being a baby. Real Third Reich material there. Adolf would’ve been proud of you drinking your milk.

Yeah, of course this is ridiculous. But it’s just as ridiculous for PETA to claim that drinking milk is now a white supremacist symbol. First of all, that’s because PETA itself is insane. Remember them ruining the life of a photographer because they claimed a monkey deserved the copyright of a picture?

Second, however, is a very important principle that we think PETA should take to heart: just because a racist does a thing, doesn’t make the thing itself racist, you idiots! Haven’t you thought this through? Really? Because if white supremacists chugging milk makes drinking milk racist then being a vegetarian essentially makes you Hitler.