Looks like Trump finally managed to get something done

No, that’s not really true. But he managed to spark something: Facebook rants. Now, this is not the Facebook rant of your angry coworker against the machinations of his own mind that he thinks are out to get him. Not by a long shot. When these Facebook users rant, the world pays attention.

What happened? Well, Donald wants to cancel DACA in a fit of seeming like he can actually form a policy. This sparked a reply from a few well-known Facebook users. One of them being the ultimate Facebook users, Mark Zuckerberg himself:

Among the large number of people disagreeing with the latest Trump attempt was President Bill Clinton:

And yes, Trump managed to get another Facebook-rant from President Barack Obama:

Is that it? No, not really. Yet another Facebook rant on the decision came from one of the richest men on earth:

So, there you have it. Amidst reports that, for some reason, 29% of New Yorkers STILL see Trump favourably, he finally starts having a Presidential legacy. Not with the Wall, or Tax Reform or even Making America Great Again.. but not everyone can say that some of the most influencial and wealthy people ranted about their policies on Facebook within a span of 24 hours.