Seriously, easyJet, what the hell?

Oh, hello and welcome to a new episode of Flight Horror. Our current perp: easyJet . Because, apparently, easyJet planes now come with optional back rests.

That’s what Matthew Harris tweeted on the flight from Luton to Geneva. We don’t rightly know why this is. Perhaps Easyjet got sick of complaints about reclining chairs and decided to remove back rests altogether? Or maybe it is, as Matthew points out, an attempt to one-up Ryan-air with the ‘pay extra for shit that you’re expecting to be included’-policies?

Easyjet is taking this matter very seriously by first and foremost being concerned about having such damning pictures online. Never mind the safety and comfort of their customers.

What on earth does that mean? Before you can investigate? Bringing it to your attention? How is this even legal? If it happens to be, it must be because nobody thought they’d have to make a law out of the back rest of a plane seat being on the damn plane! Seriously, easyJet: what the hell?

Update: easyJet claims these chairs were due for repair and that no-one was allowed to sit in them. According to Matthew, however, this lady got assigned the seat anyway.