Fake Melania

Fake Melania: Trump has a stand-in first lady

We can’t decide whether to laugh or cry at the latest in a series of many, many, many, many things that would’ve been a months-long media scandal. That is, had Trump not decided to try and get them ALL done in his first year as president.

We’re not going to list them, as there’s just too damn many of them. Just yesterday Trump tried to attack Comey for lying. Again, without providing evidence. He continued his row with the NFL and got driven into a defensive stance on his call to a Gold Star widow. He had told her ‘your guy’ (apparently not knowing Sgt. La David T. Johnson’s name) knew what he signed up for. And now, apparently, there’s Fake Melania.

Yes, you read that right. For some reason, Trump thought it’d be a great idea (the best, the very best) to bring in a fake First Lady on TV.

Twitter user Joe Vargas was apparently the first to notice Fake Melania after Trump called attention to the presence of Melania, apparently trying to reïnforce the idea that it was, in fact, Melania. Vargas got suspicious and started comparing faces.

Here’s Fake Melania

Well, he’s right. That is definitely not Melania. Hey, Donald, care to explain why you have a fake wife strolling about? Kind of reminds us of Saddam Hussein or Moammar al-Qadhafi and their body doubles. What gives?

That leads us to something else though: could we have a fake Trump? One who, like Fake Melania, looks kind of like the real deal, but isn’t? Don’t worry, the orange and fake hair can stay, but skip on the insanity, the narcisissm and such. And maybe give him a couple of IQ points extra, while we’re at it. We could probably all benefit from a Fake Donald Trump.