Humans are cute! Here are 15 reasons why.

Humans are so very cute. These bipedal primate-decendant mammals have a lot of interesting habits. Let’s take a look at some of those that support our claim that humans are just. so. damn. adorable.

Here is a list of evidence.

1 Sound-mimicking

When a human hears a catchy tune or sound, it will often start to mimic it. That can even go to the point that it starts annoying itself. They are capable of creating totally new sounds and they like to entertain others with them.

2 Paterns and traditions

Humans are inclined to like paterns and traditions. They teach their young the paterns they learned from their elders, even when they make absolutely no sense. For instance they celebrate the day they were born and congratulate eachother every year bascially with being alive.

3 Nests

Most humans enjoy spending time in eachother’s nests, not to sleep, but just for fun. Often they will create a nest together, but they also visit other nests to play with eachother. They are very social mammals that like to share their nest.

4 Helpfulness

When a human notices another human in distress, it will often try to assist. Most humans are very compassionate and will try to help, even at their own risk. Especially when the body starts secreting moisture from the eyes, humans feel the need to comfort the other.

5 Water playtime

Humans aren’t aquatic mammals, but when they discover a particularly pretty waterhole, they feel the urge to get in and just play around. They even make artificial waterholes to frolic in, although they can’t hold their breath for very long.

6 Adopting creatures

Sometimes humans adopt creatures from other species into their family. Humans even raise them alongside their own young and they don’t seem to notice the obvious differences. They like playing with the creatures and touch them for comfort.

7 Decorating the body

Humans tend to colour and decorate parts of their bodies to impress the other (or the same) sex. A lot of them even permamently mark their bodies, without it serving a purpose. Sometimes they attach metal bits to their cartalidgous membranes or other parts, even when it decreases their attractiveness drastically.

8 Cocooning

When the sky goes dark and night falls, humans start getting drowsy and want to cocoon. They use fluffy, soft bedding to make a nest, in different colours and patterns. Their nests tend to be square and each has it’s own designated part of the nest.

9 Treats

Humans are really into treats. A lot of them will save treats for a later date when they are bored, or needing comfort. Some take their love of treats too far, so their bodies expand to unhealthy sizes, because they have difficulties with selfcontrol.

10 “Ow!”

Humans tend to say “Ow!”, even when they haven’t been really hurt. They say it when they think they míght have been hurt, but aren’t sure yet. It happens when they trip or bump something. The young tend to make a lot of noise to let the adults know they might have been hurt. Sometimes they even fake injuries to get attention!

11 Space exploration

Humans are very curious creatures, so they try to explore space. They haven’t gone very far, but they’ve found rocks and they are very excited when they think they found something new. The concept of ‘infinity’ is something humans are still incapabele of understanding.

12 “Sorry”

Saying sorry for something totally involuntary is a recurring habit. They say it to eachother, for instance when gas leaves their body. They excuse themselves when they sneeze, but congratulate others on their sneezes.

13 Excitement for others

When humans are competing eachother, some of them can get really excited. They start cheering and clapping for the competing ones, even though they’re not doing anything but watch themselves. When their favorite people lose the game, they can get very upset.

14 Collecting stuff

Humans are collectors. They want to have a lot of things in their environments, even if it doesn’t really serve a purpose. They just like to look at things they own. Owning a lot of stuff usually makes the human content and proud.

15 Odd leaders

Humans select weird people to lead them. Quite often the leader actively ruines the territory it is charged with leading. Sometimes the leader turns into a powerhungry dictator, but humans have been selecting odd leaders for thousands of years. They appear to enjoy complaining about the leaders they have chosen themselves.