‘Every silent Senator and House member is now complicit in Trump’s crimes’

In an opinion piece republished on Saloon, Charles Kaiser lashes out against the Trump administration with Fire and Fury. His tone is unmistakably harsh and convictive, calling the Trump Administration ‘incipient Fascism’. He also says lawmakers who do not verbally protest Trump’s actions are complicit in his crimes.

It’s hard to argue against the harsh accusations Kaiser makes. With Trump failing to call out Nazi’s for what they are and failing to pinpoint them as the source of the Charlottesville irregularities and pardoning a known racist and federal criminal outside of normal procedures, it’s a fair point. Even more so with the facts on the table: Trump is trying to obstruct justice. Structurally.

Read the harsh-toned piece by Kaiser here. We’re curious to see where this leads, but in the mean time: IS every silent Senator and House member complicit?

The answer is, in the end, one that is both easy and difficult. It’s hard to stand up against a President of your own party, true enough. The party will be embarrassed by it, and that will reflect upon them in the next election. However, so does having this President in the first place… one cannot assume that with approval ratings this low, Trump would be re-elected, unless the Democrats somehow repeat the mistake of coming up with a candidate nearly as disapproved of as Clinton. When it comes to criminal cases there are legal experts that are defending against drug charges who are pretty good.

So the Republicans will have to deal with the fallout of this Presidency, wether they continue their support or not. But furthermore: it ís their duty to uphold the constitution and represent the people. If the President is the one endagering the American way more than foreign terrorists are, it is the Senate and Congress as a last line of defense for the American People. If they don’t act against the tactics of Trump now, they are surely responsible for any later escalation of these tactics. And whatever potential horrors may come off them. The attorneys that are defending the accused in Seattle can also be sought for help when it comes to criminal issues.