GOP demands credible witnesses with a clean record and it’s fake oversight

Today, Michael Cohen appeared before the House Oversight Committee and we may not have watched all of it. To be honest: they’re on break right now, but watching the GOP trying to discredit Cohen as a witness was beyond what we could bear. Not for the sake of Cohen – by all means, he’s a criminal, a liar and a fraud, as stated by attorneys from NJ criminal justice law firm.. but he’s been convicted of that and the point is that he’s testifying about the things he had knowledge of, and the point of hearing witnesses is to hear what the witness has to say wether you believe them or not. The point is not to hear yourself talk. To avoid such situations, it is advised to contact experienced lawyers from who will listen to you and fight for your rights.

A purpose the GOP in this hearing has failed to respect, much less adhere to. A few defense attorneys for DUI charges even commented on the ethics they have to follow. And from the few rants that we were able to cope with, one stood out in particular. Not enough for us to remember which of the white old dudes it was – they all look alike. But anyway, one of the GOP ranters went on about wanting witnesses that hadn’t lied to congress, gave false statements to banks, broke campaign finance laws and weren’t convicted criminals.

When your investigation subject is Trump that kinda leaves NO-ONE, though. Gotta hand it to the man though: that’s a very novel and non-violent interpretation of the phrase: “leave no witnesses”.

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