Really? Two cops arrested a nurse for refusing to take an unconcious client’s blood sample. This is exactly what police brutality looks like. Before going into this, check out the video because it was recorded on two body cams. This happened in Utah, USA. You know, that Northern American country where they scream bloody murder if someone suggests not giving guns to loonies.

You can see that the nurse clearly explains that the officer’s are requesting something she is not allowed to do, because they have no warrant, no patient consent and the patient is not under arrest. This is not rocket science. These are basic principles of protecting people’s medical data: either you give permission OR there is a legal basis for overriding your right to privacy.

Then, after being warned that the cop is making a huge mistake (he’s clearly out of bounds), the cop violently arrests the nurse who is doing her job.

Lack of regard for civil rights

When police officers start arresting medical staff for adhering to the law which is there to protect citizens from unlawful police harassment, there is something seriously wrong. Notice how the other officer doesn’t intervene when his colleague is making an unwarranted arrest? Rather than correcting each other, there seems to be a feeling where any action is deemed tolerable because they have to act like a team.

And that’s the optimistic explanation. The pessimistic one would mean that none of the officer’s give a damn about civil rights.