This week is a reminder that Trump governs using two media as source of inspiration: Twitter. And TV. We all know that half of what Trump does or says comes from him watching Fox news.

Or at least: John Oliver does, because every time he wants Trump to pay attention, he simply advertises during his favourite TV shows using some cowboy to get the message across. Hilarous and more than a little frightening are. correct. words. for. that. “Look, POTUS simply pays more attention to TV commercials than he does to experts.” Scary as fuck. Now, of course, this week has all been about warmongering with Trump. He’s picking fights all over the place. He picks more fights than The Boondock Saints do, and his experience with Russian threats has been limited to Golden Shower leaks rather than being chained to an illegal housing toilet.

So, Trump goes and blows up a bunch of damn terrorists in a system of caves in the mountains of Afghanistan using the biggest fricking bomb he could find. That reminded us of Iron Man. Or, more specifically, Tony Stark. Remember?

“They say that the best weapon is the one that you never have to fire. I respectfully disagree. I prefer the weapon you only have to fire…once! That’s how Dad did it, that’s how America does it…and it’s worked out pretty well so far. Find an excuse to let one of these off the chain, and I personally guarantee you the bad guys won’t even want to come out of their caves.”

We’re pretty sure Donald Trump was watching that movie and went: “Hey! What’s the biggest non-nuke I can throw on IS?” That’s right, people. We are now living in a comic book world.