UK Brexit-committee fears “no deal”

If the U.K. government is intent on a no-deal Brexit, this might actually be worse than a bad deal, an MP cross-party committee fears. The UK government has suggested that it might walk away from a deal with the EU if the terms aren’t to its satisfaction.

Theresa May now claims that she wants to get the best deal possible for the UK, but in other instances, the U.K. government has threatened to walk away if the best possible deal isn’t good enough. The committee now fears that the idea of that being better than the alternative – a ‘bad’ deal – isn’t substantiated with fact and therefore might be taking a blind leap into a situation that is a good deal worse.

The government has talked about walking away from a bad deal, but has not yet explained what terms would be demonstrably worse for the UK than ‘no deal’.

The committee agrees on that there should be an assesment of different scenarios, BBC reports. However, since the Government isn’t identifying terms that could lead to walking away from a deal, that’s really not an option. So either the government knows more than it’s telling MPs, or the U.K. is about to negotiate with 27 countries with their economy in the balance, and doing it blindly.

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