United Airlines

Really, world? Let’s read the title again and let it sink in: United Airlines gets off scot free after passenger-dragging incident. You remember what happened in april 2017, right? United Airlines had an overbooked flight and needed some passengers to leave the plane, but people refused because, you know, they paid for their seat. A 69-year old passenger was subsequently dragged of the plane. This incident hit social media and people were outraged. Surely this airline, which made the mistake of overbooking the flight in the first place, would be punished!

Think again. Unhand-me Airlines skirts punishment in this incident. Wow.


Unfriendly Airlines will not be punished over this infamous incident, federal officials have decided way back in May.

Apparently, being forcibly dragged off an airplane ride whilst in possession of a paid for ticket and bleeding to make room for the airline’s own employees does not constitute as a violation of civil rights, according to the Transportation Department. Also, there was no evidence that the rules for bumping passengers were broken. We can only imagine they start with describing how to bump them. First punch them, then drag them across the floor. All nicely done in accordance with the rules on how to mistreat paying costumers.

Unpunished Airlines was told about this decision by a department lawyer in a May 12 letter. Neither the airline nor the agency made the matter public, however. The letter was released yesterday after an advocacy group, Flyers Rights, obtained it through an open-records request.

But how?

We don’t really understand how this decision came to be. When you watch the clip, everyone with half a brain can see that this man’s civil rights not to be assaulted and manhandled get pretty violated. The poor guy lost two teeth, was bleeding all over the place and had a concussion. No evidence? Really? IT’S RIGHT THERE! Who conducted this investigation anyway?