Things you should always have spares of

When you own things, as everyone does, you know these things will fail you one day. Or you will run out. With a lot of stuff, that isn’t a problem of course, as you just go out and buy new stuff. For a few things, however, running out or them breaking down are catastrophic! Here is a […]

Breaking Bad: Down Under – Australia police finds 903kg

Ever since the release of Breaking Bad, science teachers all over the world have had more success with keeping their pupils interested in chemistry by explaining episodes than following their actual course material. And it looks like some Asians have been paying attention. The Australian police found 903kg of Crystal Methamphetamine, the largest bust in […]

Update: At least 100 killed by chemical attack in Syrian Idlib

The chemical attack that struck Idlib, Syria yesterday is reported to have now killed at least 100 people. Reports of the use of sarin gas have now come from multiple sources. Medical responders have seen the effects of Assad attacks using the toxic chlorine gas. Sarin is one of the most dangerous nerve agents. There […]

Shocking: Irish anti-abortion clinic tells women sex kills

An undercover investigation of the Times revealed that anti-abortion clinics have been advising women on contraception. They told women, who came to them seeking advice, they could die from having sex. The Times also recorded northern Irish Ask Majella telling women that abortion causes breast cancer. Gianna Care, a Dublin crisis pregnancy service, says all […]


An idea is like a virus, resilient, highly contagious and the smallest seed of an idea can grow to define of destroy you.

Said by Dom Cobb in Inception.

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